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20110926 1125 Malaysia Corporate Related News.

SP Setia will acquire 0.9ha freehold land in Melbourne, Australia, from Portbridge Pty Ltd  for RM81m cash. SP Setia said the acquisition would be its second foray into the  Melbourne property market following its maiden Fulton Lane project. "The land is expected  to be capitalised on the shortage of residential units in the area and be developed into an  apartment project with an estimated gross development value of RM777.5m," it said. It said  the company targeted to launch the project within 12-18 months from the date of  acquisition. (Bernama)

The latest development in  Selangor’s water restructuring saga is that the federal  government is considering taking over Konsortium Abass and Splash but not  Puncak  Niaga. Sources say this is due to PAAB hitting a wall in its negotiations with Puncak Niaga  and Selangor on resolving a prolonged deadlock on the industry’s consolidation. “It has  come to a point where things have to be non-holistic. Talks have been initiated.” says a  source.
 • However sources say that the aim of the takeover could be to pressure Puncak Niaga.  Sources say that there  is a glimmer of hope that PAAB and Selangor will have more  fruitful negotiations this time around because the  new person at the helm of KPS was  previously with PAAB. (Edge Weekly)  

Land acquisition is expected to be the biggest problem facing the  KVMRT  project. Once  the government decides to acquire land using the Land Acquisition Act (1960) (LAA), its  owner will have very little recourse except to work out the best price for the property. While  there is no provision under the LAA to acquire an underground title, Section 92 of the  National Land Code 1965 provides for it.  
• “Only the owner of a piece of land can allow an underground cubic layer of underground  land, known as the stratum, be owned separately from  his property on the surface.”  SPAD said. One way is for owners to apply for stratum titles to be issued to the  government. The other way is for the government to  first acquire the land, and  subsequently re-alienate the property on the surface back to the owners.  
• Last week, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul  Aziz told residents of Jalan Sultan in the heart of Petaling Street that he would propose  to the Cabinet to realign the MRT’s route running underground away from Petaling Street  . This is to avoid compulsory land acquisition during construction of the tunnel below.  
• Datuk Teo Chiang Kok, Director of Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd said the  proposed MRT stations  behind TV3 will cause logistics problems as it will be near the  junction of Persiaran Bandar Utama and LDP. (Edge Weekly)  

U Mobile aims to secure a double-digit subscriber market share in as early as three years  as it continues to aggressively expand its network and launch more innovative and quality  products and services.  "We aim to have a double-digit market share in three to five years.  We believe it's an achievable goal, it is an aspiration, all of us need to have that," said Dr  Kaizad Heerjee, CEO of U Mobile said.  
• Kaizad said over the past six to nine months, the company has seen renewed interests in U Mobile, while the brand is becoming well accepted in the market.  The company,  which has merely several thousands subscribers over a year ago, now has 1m.  
• "I believe that as long as we continue to expand our network, distributors continue to be  committed, network quality remains very good, and brand is appealing, customers will  give it a shot," he added.  
• It plans to position itself as a leader in high speed data services. "For us, voice is a  commodity, regardless if it's 3G or 2G, it doesn't really make much of a difference. I don't  think customers are going to come into our network by the millions if we lower our rates  by one or five sen. The differentiator really is high speed data. That's our core focus," he  said. (BT)    

A probable resurgence in La Nina-induced rains late this year could curtail South-East  Asian  palm oil  production, driving prices towards RM4,000 by April-June 2012, leading  analyst Dorab Mistry said.  
• The forecast from the head  of vegetable oil trading with India’s Godrej Industries  represents a 34% rise from current palm oil prices that fell to their lowest in six weeks on  Friday on fears of global economic recession. La Nina triggers heavy rains that can stall  harvesting rounds in top producers Indonesia and Malaysia.
• Six months down the line, output usually gets cut due to poor pollination affecting palm  fruit development. “The best we can expect for 2012 is flat production or a marginal  increase in Malaysia,” Mistry said at a conference in Mumbai. (Reuters)

Tenaga may be broken up?
There is a proposal to break up the dominant electricity supplier’s transmission, distribution and generation divisions in an attempt to reorganize the company, say sources. It is learnt that special purpose unit MyPower Corp will oversee the matter as part of the government’s effort to reform the country’s power sector. “It could be seen as a solution to Tenaga’s current issue, where the less profitable divisions are taken over by the government while the more profitable segments will be left in the listed entity,” says an industry source.  (Source: The Edge)

MTD Capital Bhd, which launched its new coal port terminal in Indonesia's Cigading last  week, is going all out to woo Malaysia's top coal buyer,  Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).  MTD CEO Datuk Azmil Khalili Khalid said the new port is now ready to rope in TNB as one  of its large customers and the company plans to invite TNB president and chief executive  officer Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh to visit the facilities.
• "Previously, TNB didn't buy coal from Indonesia, maybe due to uncertainty in delivery  issues. That is no longer the issue and hopefully TNB will be one of our largest  customers one day," Azmil told Malaysian reporters in Jakarta recently. TNB, which uses  20% of its fuel from coal, buys coal from as far as Australia and South Africa.
• Industry sources believe that TNB's reluctance to buy Indonesian coal could be due to  lower coal quality or inconsistent deliveries.(BT)  

Bandar Raya Development Bhd (BRDB) has been asked by Bursa Malaysia to clarify to  its shareholders issues that have been raised in the media regarding the company's  proposal to hive off key assets to its major shareholder, reliable sources said. One of the most sticky issues related to the deal is the unknown identity behind an influential 23.6% block of shares in BRDB held under a nominee account for Credit Suisse.  
• The Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG) had pointed out that this stake was  very likely to be the deciding factor in whether the asset sale would go through. This is  on the basis that the 23.6% block amounts to 30% of total disinterested shareholders of  BRDB and in turn might comprise 50% of votes of shareholders who actually turn up to  vote on the matter, which requires only a simple majority to go through.  
• It should be noted that under Section 69(0)(8) of the Companies Act, Bursa and the  Securities Commission have the power to direct companies to disclose the identity of the  beneficial owners of substantial blocks of shares in the company. Section 69 also  empowers the affected issuer itself, in this case BRDB, to request for details on the  beneficial owners from a trustee, in this case Credit Suisse. (Starbiz)    

MISC Chairman, Datuk George Ratilal said the rating downgrades by Moody’s and S&P  comes as no surprise but he emphasised that it was more important to note that MISC was  still an investment grade, which would still enable the company to raise funds in the future  despite being impacted by the current downturn. At MISC AGM last week, reporters were  informed that the shipping industry would likely see light at the end  of the tunnel only in  2014.
• Datuk Nasarudin, CEO implied that MISC would not rule out the possibility of selling its  weakest business. MISC will take a hard look at its portfolio, as getting out of business is  a major decision. But management will not be shy to make hard decisions to protect the  overall value of MISC. (Star Biz)  

Khazanah Nasional Bhd is in talks to buy a stake in Turkish hospital group Acibadem, two  sources said. The purchase, by Khazanah's 70%-owned healthcare unit Integrated  Healthcare, was being advised by Deutsche Bank, one  of the sources said. “The sellers  have multiple buyers at this point, and Integrated  Healthcare is one of the interested  parties,” the source said.  
• In another development, Khazanah has reportedly delayed a sale of yuan-denominated  sukuk due to volatile market conditions.  The sale would have been the world's first of  Islamic bonds denominated in the Chinese currency. (Agencies)    

Cypark and  LG Electronics have signed a MoU last Friday to form a strategic  collaboration in a solar renewable energy (RE) project in Pajam, Negeri Sembilan. Cypark  also signed a RM75m financing agreement with HSBC Amanah Raya Malaysia to finance  the Pajam Integrated RE Park. (Malaysian Reserve)    PKT Logistics Group plans to invest RM1bn in the next five years to expand its state-ofthe-art warehouses to 5m sf at selected locations in Malaysia. (Star Biz)  

OSK Investment Bank Bhd has resigned as an independent adviser to  Kinsteel Bhd's corporate exercise, citing that new developments had arisen which the bank believed  would affect its ability to act as the independent adviser. The bank had resigned with effect  from Thursday and TA Securities Holdings Bhd was appointed as the new independent  adviser.  
• On July 25, Kinsteel announced its proposed subscription to RM280m nominal value of  seven-year 7% redeemable convertible unsecured loan stocks (RCULS) issued by its  subsidiary, Perwaja Holdings Bhd, at 100% of its nominal value. (Starbiz)    

Sarawak Cable entered into a conditional shares sale and prchase agreement with Tiopan  Hasudungan Marpaung, Parulian Marpaung, Bayu Ardiyanto and Subari to acquire 65%  equity interest in PT Inpola Mitra Elektrindo for a total cash consideration of 15bn rupiah  or RM5.4m. (Malaysian Reserve)

AmIslamic Bank’s proposed RM2bn Subordinated Sukuk Musyarakah Programme has  received an “A1” rating and also a “stable” outlook for the proposed securities’ long-term  rating by RAM. (Malaysian Reserve)  

Port Klang Authority (PKA) chairman, Datuk Dr Teh Kim Poo said a third port is expected  to be built by next year to complement the existing Northport and Westport. The third port, earmarked to be built near Westport, will be privately owned, with PKA overseeing its  operations. (Bernama)

Proton takeover on the cards again?
There has been renewed interest in the national automotive company with at least four entities and two individuals looking to take over the 42.7% interest held by Khazanah. The usual names have surfaced as possible acquirers of the company, namely DRB-Hicom, Naza group, Mofaz group. Others names that are being bandied about include the Sapura group and two high net worth individuals, one linked to a prominent business group and another who is based mainly in the UK. (Source: The Edge)

MCMC allocation soon
The Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is in the final stages of evaluating the allocation for the 2.6GHz spectrum and may promote collaboration among players for better efficiency on spectrum usage. Currently, some of the players are already sharing infrastructure for their current networks and others are exploring ways to share even 2.6G, which is also known as the fourth generation of wireless spectrum that promotes faster speed and bigger capacity for upload and download of data. “The evaluations are now at the final stages. The allocation of the 2.6GHz spectrum takes into consideration the nation's entry into another level of wireless broadband with technologies such as LTE (long-term evolution), apart from the constraints on limited resources up for offering,'' MCMC said in  an email reply to queries from StarBiz. (The Star)

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