Thursday, October 1, 2009

20091001 1813 FCPO EOD Daily Chart : What a boring day !

FCPO closed 12 points higher today with a boring 18 point daily range to closed at 2115. Price still closed below Mid Bollinger Band = Bias to the downside. Bollinger Band width continue to narrowed by a fraction suggest market will be trading sideway range bound. MACD histrogram higher than yesterday = downside might be limited with a potential rebound. Volume traded was extremely low. 

When to Buy : Buy at support or break up but must take profit/cut loss quick.
When to Sell : Short at resistant with a cut loss above resistant. 


20091001 1748 FBM KLCI EOD Daily Chart Study

FBM KLCI ended 6.27 points higher on the first day of the October. It closed slightly above Mid Bollinger Band = Neutral. Bollinger Band width continue to narrow suggest market will be trading sideway range bound. MACD histrogram falling on a slower pace = Neutral. Lower volume traded may due to Hong Kong and China exhange hoiliday. Maintain neutral view, stay sideline to wait for new lead.

20091001 1735 FKLI EOD Daily Chart Study

FKLI ended 7 points higher on the first day of the October month with a Doji candle. It closed near Mid Bollinger Band = yesterday break down still intact. Bollinger Band width continue to narrow suggest market will be trading sideway range bound. MACD histrogram down by a fraction = sellers are not agrresively selling. Perhaps there are still profit taking or close long position.

14:58 Soy Oil Futures Still Traded Higher !!!!

14:55 FCPO Houly Chart Update

FCPO hourly chart shows trading on small range sideway bias to upside market.

14:30 FKLI Hourly Chart

FKLI hourly chart moving upward due to no influence of closed Hang Seng and ShangHai market.  

20090930 1905 FCPO Monthly Chart Study 2009-09

After hitting the Mid Bollinger Band way back few months ago and gave a few attempt to test the downside, it's still struggling to stay above the Mid Bollinger Band. With MACD Histrogram stay flat, this suggest that market might still trading side way.

When to buy :
A break thru to the upper level with MACD
Histrogram rising should be a good sign to initiate a longer term long position.

When to sell : Same as the oposite view, should price falls and MACD
Histrogram start to falling with Bollinger Band width widen, it will be a chance to short the market.

FCPO Total Open Interest Increase By 3075 Contracts

FCPO total open interest stood at 95200, at very serious high level !!!

Soy manage to close higher with weaker US Dollar

Soy oil futures close higher due to weaker US Dollar development. MACD Histrogram continue to rise suggesting the down side of soy oil is limited and could any time rebound from this level.

FCPO Daily Chart : Side way with possible rebound

FCPO only traded in the range of 25 point(high - low). Not much movement in the Bollinger band width suggest that market will stay side way with a possible technical rebound.

DJIA closed @ 9715.28 down -29.92

DJIA close lower with high volume traded. It did break the Bollinger Middle Band during intraday but managed to close above indicating that the Bull still yet to leave DJIA.

FKLI Monthly Chart Still Bullish

FKLI monthly chart still trading above the Bollinger Middle Band = Bullish. Bollinger band width narrowed just minorly suggested that market will be in moving a smaller range. MACD Histrogram still increasing = Bullish. Volume traded was lower compare to Aug may be due to Raya Holiday but is still not a good sign to me.

20090931 FKLI Daily Chart Break Down Support Level

FKLI daily chart managed to break down and closed below Bollinger Middle Band support level = Neutral to Bearish. Bollinger band width continue to narrow suggested that market will be side way for a while. MACD Histrogram getting lower compare to yesterday = Bearish. Immediate support at 1200 level
When to Buy : Long at support with cut loss below support.
When to Sell : Short on rebound with cut loss few points above middle band.