Friday, June 11, 2010

20100611 1816 FCPO EOD Daily Chart Study.

FCPO closed : 2386, changed : -24 points, volume : higher.
Bollinger band reading : downside biased.
MACD Histrogram : continue lower, seller ruled.
Support : 2370, 2350, 2330 level.
Resistant : 2400, 2450, 2470 level.
Comment :
Seller turned aggressive on the second half session push price downward to closed near the low of the day with better volume transacted breaking crucial support level. Daily chart reading remained unchanged with a downside biased suggestion but however a pullback correction could take place soon as today down candle closed way below lower Bollinger band level.
When to buy : buy at support or weakness with quick cut loss and profit target.
When to sell : sell at resistant/strength/break down with quick cut loss and profit target.

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